Muncie 70.3 nutrition plan and post race thoughts

3:45 - Woke up and had a bottle of water

4:30 – Left for race and ate a bonk bar and a gel on the drive, plus more water

5:45 – Bottle of Scratch and packet of rocktane blocks post setting up transition

6:30 – Sat down for awhile, got my wetsuit on

6:40 -10 min swim warm up, 5 or 10 seconds of up-tempo but pretty much just easy

7:05 – Race start

T1 – big sip of water bottle in transition


1 gel every 30 mins on bike

2 salt pill every 45

Front 32 oz bottle started with 3 scoops of scratch and got more and more diluted as added water at every aid station

Stomach pretty good for the most part on the bike, had a few moments of burping but in general everything went down smoothly and was happy with my ability to hydrate and eat


Grabbed two gels from my t2 setup

Only ended up having one of the gels at about mile 4, was concerned about water intake versus sugar intake to played it safe, may have explained slowing a bit the last 5 miles.

Was grabbing water and sponges at each aid station.

Took one orange and one cup of redbull at 8 and 10


My thoughts –

Pre race – still open to suggestions for staying calm, I am getting better at it but eating anything is pretty forced pre-race, more or less just trying not to throw up for a good chunk of the morning.

Swim – Always get a bit of cotton mouth so I like having the extra bottle in T1 but I think taking some nutrition or hydration closer to swim start would be a good idea.

Bike – Not a perfectly controlled test but seems like salt was a good addition, had no problem taking them during the race. Calories/Carbs wise I think I could have taken more, probably not more gels because that starts to get gross at some point but another 300 calories or so would likely go a long way at the end of the run and is going to be very important if I want to take another step forward/have the ability to run hard instead of just controlling. Will probably consider adding calories to a bottle in the future. 

Run – Kind of just going by the seat of my pants on this part, thought I was going easy on the way out but still suffered the last two miles despite not really adding to the effort on the way home. I usually like to carry a bottle out of T2 but didn’t this time,  in the future I will go back to that, I think it will help get a gel or two down early on in the run.

A good step but plenty to work on.

Eliot S.