Syracuse 70.3 Race Plan

Race plan syracuse 70.3

Race plan Syracuse 70.3

4:30 – 5:00– Wake up, bathroom, drink a bottle of Nuun, make oatmeal. Raisins, honey.

5:00 – 6:00 – Make sure all equipment is ready, roll out, keep hydrating, lay down, put on a podcast or shower if nerves are going.

6:30ish – Arrive and set up Transition – make sure cooler is properly set up with run bottle

Pre race – stay calm – eat a bar plus another bottle of Nuun, probably bathroom again

7:40 race start –

Swim – Keep it chill, nothing more than a light 2 beat from the back end, keep the tempo up, focus on your catch and taking nice deep breaths. Assess the situation mid swim, back it off even more if you are away, save a match for the run. Little steps out of T1

T1 – Should be a quick one, big sip of one of the cold bottles in my little cooler.

Bike –

·       You are very powerful, now is not the time to prove that. Stay in control. Stay in Control. Stay in Control. Aid stations at miles 15,25 and 40. Before each station grab a gel plus big sip of electrolyte, in the aid station grab a bottle and take a few big sips as you get back up to speed. Even if you don’t feel that hot dump the rest on your back and neck, be on top of temp at all times.

·       Watts NP 270 – no spikes over 300, don’t be afraid to stand up every so often, stretch the back, you are strong enough to take it.

·       Cadence between 80 and 100 the whole time

·       Be easy on the three main hills, 1st climb, steadier on the steep parts and then keep the power up as the % backs off to ramp up the speed, 2nd, way too steep for your gears so just get to a little gear quickly and then stand up and chill, 3rd climb, try and stay seated and keep the power going up over the top, plenty of chance to catch my breath over the next 8 miles after the top.

·       Nutrition plan –

o   Big sip of electrolyte mix every 10 mins – will be a bit too strong but you will have extra water at the aid stations, use as much of it as possible.

o   Gel every 30 mins, perhaps an additional blocks at 1:00 if your stomach is feeling it.

T2 – Socks on, Shoes on, hat on, sun glasses on, grab cold bottle. Goal for first three miles of the run should be to drink the whole cold bottle and get down one gel.


·       Rest of the run will be grabbing any water or ice to keep core temp down as well as taking water and red bull for a little boost. Hold on dude, last few miles should be a bit of a ride, but you are tough enough.

Plan and be ready for anything – you have enough fitness to make up for a few mistakes or unforeseen circumstances. Fire it up.

Eliot S. 

Eliot S.