Boston Olympic Triathlon

Boston Triathlon Olympic Race

Boston Triathlon Olympic Race Report & Review

This was my second year competing at the Boston Olympic Triathlon. The race is run by our good friend, Mike O’Neil.  For some background on Mike and the race, here’s a Slowtwitch interview

I really enjoyed the event last year but faded on the run so was looking forward to finishing the race much stronger this year and hopefully earning a podium finish in the elite field.

I started with the elite wave, competing against strong competition always brings out my best performances.  If I want to make the jump to the next level, these are the kind of athletes I will need to beat.

The swim was a simple out, over and back course with an out of water start. As they gun went off, the pace was fast.  I entered the water without too much drama and started swimming hard.  At the first buoy I was in level with the two other leaders. For the next 300 meters, I focused on keeping my tempo high and getting as many deep breaths as possible. At the first buoy, eventual winner, Lucas Pozzetta and I were level and my body was finally starting to come around; I pushed the pace a little harder. On the second half of the swim, I was able to take the lead and continued to up my tempo to the shore.

The bike course is four five mile loops, including two 180 degree turns and an out and back around the Head Island light house. Early on, Lucas was not pushing the power I anticipated on the first lap and 3rd place Spencer Ralston was starting to catch us. I decided to take the lead and stick to my planned effort. The power was coming easily and did my best to enjoy the effort, stick to my nutrition and power race plan. I led the first three laps with Lucas in tow and about a 30 second led on Spencer. On the last lap, Lucas decided to push and I did not chase, I knew I wanted to run hard and so I stuck to my plan and entered T2 about 10 seconds off the lead.  Bike section here

My goal for the run was to hold sub 6:00 pace. My running has consistently lagged behind my swim and bike splits but there have been some good signs of progress over the past year. I was excited to see the improvement. For the first mile, I focused primarily on keeping my tempo high and taking deep consistent breaths. I was quickly passed by Spencer but knew I had to run my race so stuck to my plan. By the second mile, I was starting to feel much better. I ran the middle 5 miles solo and for the first time in a long time, I was able to really work hard at the end of a race. In the closing mile I was passed by two more athletes, Matt Alford and Thomas Whitmore, obviously this was not the best feeling but I was giving it everything I had so just put my head down and focused on getting to the finish.  Run section here

I finished in 1:46.37, two minutes faster than last year, all of which came from the run split, 36:16. My run pace was 5:51’s for the 10k which is a personal best.  Despite not being in a position to take the win, I was very satisfied with the effort and improvement in pace, good signs for the future.

Up next is a solid four week training block with very specific work on 70.3 efforts and as always trying to extract the most from my run split at the end. Onwards.

Boston Triathlon 2017 results 

Boston Triathlon 2017