Race Plan

Race Plan Ironman Canada 2018

Nutrition and Race plan - 2018 Ironman Canada

1 bottle = 24 oz water - 3 scoops carbo pro - 1 scoop scratch


Pre race -

- Wake-up, shower, light stretch and roll

- Have two bottles to sip on between waking up and race start

- 1 bar if stomach allows but ok if just bottles -  powerbar or bonk-breaker

- 2 salt pills per hour

Swim -

- Stay calm and enjoy yourself pre race - the work is done - you are in a great spot

- Focus on consuming nutrition and keeping back and posterior chain loose pre race

- Get off to a strong start but quickly settle into a comfortable effort - make sure you are relaxed

- Focus on sighting and breathing efficiently - think about back on the bike

- Keep cadence high and focus on a good catch in the front

Bike -

- Intake - Bottles 380 x 4 + Gels 5 x 100 + 1 bonk breaker 200 - cut up = 2220 cal

- Just water in front bladder - replenish at each aid station - use to take salt pills

- If hot take second bottle and dump on back

- NP Lap #1 - 240 - #2 - 245 #3 - 250

- Keep RPM in the 80’s - no spikes over 300 watts

- Keep back loose and vary position when course provides the opportunity

- Turtle, turtle

- 2 bottles on bike - 2 bottles in special needs - sip every 5 mins - alternate with water

- 2 salt pills per hour

- 1 gel per hour - caffeine free

- Control, control, control, control, bike like you are about to run a marathon

- Bike your bike - disregard others

- Weather any bad patches - you are fit, you will be fine

Run -

- Quick clothing change into proper running attire

- Give your body some time to adjust off the bike

- Grabbing at least 1 water to drink per aid station - focus on actually getting water down early in run

-Grab ice and sponges early and often, even if I am ok with heat at the time - think about the last 10 miles

- 1 gel every other aid station

- be okay with grabbing anything that looks good

- Allow caffeine into routine during the last 90 mins

- Do not unnecessarily rush through aid stations, make sure I eat and drink, slight moment of respite - be ready and able to run hard between them

- HR sub 150 1st half of run -

- Be tough on the second half of the run - accept the low points as natural, know it will pass and don’t get too excited about feeling amazing at any one point

Muncie 70.3 nutrition plan and post race thoughts

3:45 - Woke up and had a bottle of water

4:30 – Left for race and ate a bonk bar and a gel on the drive, plus more water

5:45 – Bottle of Scratch and packet of rocktane blocks post setting up transition

6:30 – Sat down for awhile, got my wetsuit on

6:40 -10 min swim warm up, 5 or 10 seconds of up-tempo but pretty much just easy

7:05 – Race start

T1 – big sip of water bottle in transition


1 gel every 30 mins on bike

2 salt pill every 45

Front 32 oz bottle started with 3 scoops of scratch and got more and more diluted as added water at every aid station

Stomach pretty good for the most part on the bike, had a few moments of burping but in general everything went down smoothly and was happy with my ability to hydrate and eat


Grabbed two gels from my t2 setup

Only ended up having one of the gels at about mile 4, was concerned about water intake versus sugar intake to played it safe, may have explained slowing a bit the last 5 miles.

Was grabbing water and sponges at each aid station.

Took one orange and one cup of redbull at 8 and 10


My thoughts –

Pre race – still open to suggestions for staying calm, I am getting better at it but eating anything is pretty forced pre-race, more or less just trying not to throw up for a good chunk of the morning.

Swim – Always get a bit of cotton mouth so I like having the extra bottle in T1 but I think taking some nutrition or hydration closer to swim start would be a good idea.

Bike – Not a perfectly controlled test but seems like salt was a good addition, had no problem taking them during the race. Calories/Carbs wise I think I could have taken more, probably not more gels because that starts to get gross at some point but another 300 calories or so would likely go a long way at the end of the run and is going to be very important if I want to take another step forward/have the ability to run hard instead of just controlling. Will probably consider adding calories to a bottle in the future. 

Run – Kind of just going by the seat of my pants on this part, thought I was going easy on the way out but still suffered the last two miles despite not really adding to the effort on the way home. I usually like to carry a bottle out of T2 but didn’t this time,  in the future I will go back to that, I think it will help get a gel or two down early on in the run.

A good step but plenty to work on.

Eliot S. 


Syracuse 70.3 Race Plan

Race plan Syracuse 70.3

4:30 – 5:00– Wake up, bathroom, drink a bottle of Nuun, make oatmeal. Raisins, honey.

5:00 – 6:00 – Make sure all equipment is ready, roll out, keep hydrating, lay down, put on a podcast or shower if nerves are going.

6:30ish – Arrive and set up Transition – make sure cooler is properly set up with run bottle

Pre race – stay calm – eat a bar plus another bottle of Nuun, probably bathroom again

7:40 race start –

Swim – Keep it chill, nothing more than a light 2 beat from the back end, keep the tempo up, focus on your catch and taking nice deep breaths. Assess the situation mid swim, back it off even more if you are away, save a match for the run. Little steps out of T1

T1 – Should be a quick one, big sip of one of the cold bottles in my little cooler.

Bike –

·       You are very powerful, now is not the time to prove that. Stay in control. Stay in Control. Stay in Control. Aid stations at miles 15,25 and 40. Before each station grab a gel plus big sip of electrolyte, in the aid station grab a bottle and take a few big sips as you get back up to speed. Even if you don’t feel that hot dump the rest on your back and neck, be on top of temp at all times.

·       Watts NP 270 – no spikes over 300, don’t be afraid to stand up every so often, stretch the back, you are strong enough to take it.

·       Cadence between 80 and 100 the whole time

·       Be easy on the three main hills, 1st climb, steadier on the steep parts and then keep the power up as the % backs off to ramp up the speed, 2nd, way too steep for your gears so just get to a little gear quickly and then stand up and chill, 3rd climb, try and stay seated and keep the power going up over the top, plenty of chance to catch my breath over the next 8 miles after the top.

·       Nutrition plan –

o   Big sip of electrolyte mix every 10 mins – will be a bit too strong but you will have extra water at the aid stations, use as much of it as possible.

o   Gel every 30 mins, perhaps an additional blocks at 1:00 if your stomach is feeling it.

T2 – Socks on, Shoes on, hat on, sun glasses on, grab cold bottle. Goal for first three miles of the run should be to drink the whole cold bottle and get down one gel.


·       Rest of the run will be grabbing any water or ice to keep core temp down as well as taking water and red bull for a little boost. Hold on dude, last few miles should be a bit of a ride, but you are tough enough.

Plan and be ready for anything – you have enough fitness to make up for a few mistakes or unforeseen circumstances. Fire it up.

Eliot S.