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Most likely, you clicked on our link because you are seeking to improve your athletic performance and achieve a certain goal. That’s the first and most obvious reason.

But I bet the larger and more powerful reason is this: you are looking for a change, a vehicle and process to get better. You’re seeking what’s already deep inside you, that gut feeling that you can be a lot more than what you are today.

Maybe you are already an accomplished triathlete or runner looking for an edge that will push you to the next level. Great, we can help you get there.

Maybe you are looking to recapture a younger athletic self and rediscover the person that was once a big part of your identity. Let’s do it.

Or maybe you are curious about how to do your first triathlon or ultra-run, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and set a goal that challenges and grows you. We love working with people like you!

We are multi-sport coaches, but we view the process with a wider angle lens. We are guides to personal transformation, your partners in change, and fellow travelers in seeking our true and authentic selves.

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"I've been fortunate to meet a lot of people through triathlon; Jim and Eliot are unquestionably among my favorite. Their curiosity and love for the sport is what makes them great assets to triathlon. What makes them special coaches, however, is their tremendous warmth and generosity. Whether you are a complete novice to the sport or a more experienced athlete, you'll find few coaches more committed and invested in your performance than Jim and Eliot." - Sarah True 2x Olympic Triathlete, ITU Triathlon & Ironman superstar

The Endurance Drive coaches all levels for triathlon, run, swim, SwimRun & ultra races. We are based in Hanover, NH, Tuscon, AZ & Palo Alto, CA.