Coaching Philosophy

You are a person first, athlete second. Our training plans are individualized and account for you as a whole person. 

Consistent, structured training: Appropriate workouts and intensities based on your training cycle, endurance event(s) and personal situation.  Execute the fundamentals well. 

Base aerobic work.  Grow your engine.  There are no shortcuts to big fitness.  Fitness matters most.

Stress + Rest = Growth.  You only get faster when you recover.  Recovery is training. Eat well, too. 

Dream big, believe it can happen.

Process driven, not results driven.  99% is process, 1% is race.  Good or bad, race results don't define us.

Endurance training is a vehicle to be a better partner, spouse, student, boss, employee, parent and citizen.

Communicate with each other. Learn. Evolve. Coaching is a two-way street. 

Match your lifestyle with your endurance goals.

There is no failure, only lack of good information. Take chances, back on the horse.

Be humble. Good people. Community.  

If the above resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.  

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Getting Started Details

If you are grooving on the Coaching & Athlete Principles and Standards, we schedule a phone call to discuss your goals, background and learn about each other.  Knowing who you are is paramount to a successful athlete/coach relationship.

If we move forward, sign up for a TrainingPeaks account if you don't already have one. Recommend the premium account.

You will also need a heart rate monitor and a watch capable of tracking HR and speed. We can discuss the various options. Garmin and Suunto devices are the most popular and integrate nicely with TrainingPeaks.  

If you are a triathlete, you'll need a road or tri bike with clip on pedals and bike/tri shoes. A wetsuit will also be necessary.

Send your TrainingPeaks username to your coach and we link into your TrainingPeaks account to load workouts, information and facilitate communication.  While we still talk via phone, txt or email, TrainingPeaks is our primary athlete/coach platform.

Your coach loads weekly workouts, typically on Sunday after you have connected via email with the weekly check-in.  See Coach & Athlete Roles with TrainingPeaks for more specifics.

Athletes are expected to upload their completed workout data daily and write a short comment on how the workout went, what you noticed, any nagging pains or injuries, questions, etc. 

Your coach will review your workout log daily and often respond in the post-activity section based on your workout comments. Our job is to be highly connected to how you are doing on a daily basis.  Training logs are key. 

Within the first few weeks of working with The Endurance Drive, especially if you are new to triathlon racing, there is a lot of discussion about equipment based on your budget and goals.  There is a lot to sort out, don't worry.  Our job is to make it easy for you to cut through all the marketing and get to the equipment that will work best for your individual needs. 

As we get closer to your races, there is increased back and forth between coach and athlete working on nutrition, race strategy, pacing, logistics and the dozens of other finer details required to be race-ready.  

Whether you are doing a 5K or an Ironman, your endurance goals are treated equally by your coach.  Supporting you on your endurance journey, no matter how big or small, is our purpose. 


Athlete success with The Endurance Drive:
My coaches knowledge base is exceptional and right there when I need it. -Melissa

The Endurance Drive is based in Hanover, NH & Pomona, CA. We serve triathlon, SwimRun, ultra and endurance clients throughout the US and internationally.