What to expect from an online coaching service

What to expect
A coach provides appropriate workouts for the appropriate time of year, an athlete’s abilities, and his or her goals, strengths, and limiters.

A coach will help maintain perspective and guidance for an athlete’s passion, illuminating the path of sport sustainability. We provide a healthy mental and physical process to achieve your goals with a long-term view that builds your best athletic self.

A coach helps build congruity between an athlete’s sport, family and friends, and career. We aim to prescribe appropriate workouts within the context of your athletic abilities, your personal life, and your professional life.

A coach uses data but is not ruled by data. We aren’t looking at every minute of your Garmin file and neither should you. Some days, consider leaving your Garmin home and work on listening to your body and mind, connecting the two. On a 0-to-10 importance scale, your Garmin file clocks in at 0.01.

A coach only knows as much as an athlete communicates.  Connect and communicate, however briefly in TrainingPeaks, daily with us. The more we know, the better we can craft coaching and workout prescriptions that provide the quickest route to success.

A coach is part of an athlete’s support network. Time, resources, and location can all be obstacles to training. We strongly encourage you to be open with us about these obstacles, and to invest in your local support network of family and friends. Together, we’ll provide the support and sustainability for your athletic journey.

A coach has many athletes. We will spend 5 - 10 minutes daily reviewing your workout logs and comments, and communicating with you. This will vary based on the time of year, upcoming races, current challenges, etc. If we are working with 30 athletes, this accounts for half of our working day.  Workout creation, weekly, monthly and seasonal planning, one-on-one or group coaching, equipment consultation, and extra time working with athletes individually creates a full day (and much more).

Outside the boundaries:

A coach is not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  We will discuss and practice the mental aspects of sport and racing with you, but we are not licensed mental health professionals. We are here to support you in the context of an athletic coaching service.

A coach is not a doctor. Along your athletic journey, you will encounter medical questions, niggles, and injuries. We encourage you to build a local medical and health network with your doctor, sports massage therapists, physical therapists, and/or strength and conditioning coaches. Budget time and resources to use bolster a network that will help you achieve and maintain good health.

A coach is not a personal assistant or secretary. You are responsible for managing your time, scheduling your daily workouts, and making necessary changes to your workout schedule due to the dynamic nature of your life.