Great Clermont Triathlon Coach & Training Plan

We love going to Florida every spring for the Great Clermont Triathlon. After a winter of training, an Olympic race in the Florida warmth is a welcome event! Even with a little bit of training, you’ll enjoy this challenging but manageable race.

The Great Clermont swim starts in the coffee-colored waters of Lake Minneola. Be prepared for variable water temperatures year-to-year; one year it could be chilly and the next year it could be balmy and barely wetsuit-legal (or not at all). It pays to have done both non-wetsuit and wetsuit training in the pool prior to this race.

The Great Clermont bike course is where the work begins. Florida is flat, but Clermont is not! The first part courses along the western and northern shore of Minneola. By mile 9, the hills begin and will challenge even the strongest cyclists.

The run course includes two out-and-backs on fairly flat terrain. Rising temperatures and humidity become a consideration; run strong and relaxed during the first half, picking up your pace and effort in the second half. You’ll get an idea of your early season run fitness on this course.

We have dozens of athletes race this and the Sprint course. We know it very well and will prepare you to be race ready. All of our plans are individualized to meet you specifically, not only athletically but also as an individual with a busy and dynamic life.

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If you are up for a bigger endurance challenge on the same weekend, check out the The Intimidator half distance (70.3) race.

Dartmouth Triathlon Club at Great Clermont Triathlon

Dartmouth Triathlon Club at Great Clermont Triathlon