Looking for a triathlon coach and training plan for IRONMAN Gurye Korea? We are your partners!

Endurance Drive coaches are experienced and successful long distance (IRONMAN) and half distance (70.3) triathlon coaches and athletes. We coach triathletes to the top Age Group level. Many of our age-group athletes are looking for a big challenge to fit within their limited training time. Within the context of your individual life situation, we will get you to the start line fit, prepared and race ready.

Racing in Korea presents unique challenges—especially the high heat and humidity. We provide specific swim, bike and run workouts to help prepare you for race day conditions. Our heat and hydration protocols will provide you the best chance for success on race day. Partner with us to be the best prepared!

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Link to IRONMAN Gurye Korea swim, bike and run Course Maps

Coaching tip: 12 / 8 / 4 weeks out from your “A” triathlon race, consider doing race simulation weekends where you cover the full IRONMAN distance over 2 - 3 days.

Athlete success with The Endurance Drive:
Looking back I think knowing that Jim believed in me enough to give me that opportunity, was just enough flip whatever switch needed to be flipped inside me to jump to the next level in triathlon. At 41-42 years old making that jump it took quite a few people by surprise was pretty fun to watch. - Shannon

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