Looking for a triathlon coach and training plan for IRONMAN Lake Placid & IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Placid? We can help!

Lake Placid is practically in our backyard! The Endurance Drive coaches are very knowledgeable and experienced with the Lake Placid course, race conditions and what it takes to prepare an athlete to race well.

We coach many age-group athletes, top-level and beginners, who are looking for a challenge and who, with a busy professional and personal life, have limited time to train. Whatever your individual life situation, we will get you to the starting line fit, prepared and race-ready.

The Lake Placid bike and run course presents some unique challenges for athletes—especially the course elevation. We write specific bike and run workouts to help prepare you for race day conditions. You will build strength to ride your bike up all those hills! Lake Placid also has challenging weather conditions that range from the freezing cold to the incredibly hot and humid. Our training plans include protocols and preparation for all different types of race day environments. Don’t be caught by surprise, just partner with us to prepare your best!

Contact Us to get your long and half distance triathlon training started. Ask about our Zwift bike workouts for the 11 mile notch climb from Wilmington and the three little bears section of Mama Bear, Baby Bear & Papa Bear.

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Link to IRONMAN Lake Placid swim, bike and run Course Maps
IRONMAN Lake Placid Results

Link to IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Placid swim, bike and run Course Maps
IRONMAN Lake Placid Results

Click here to download Zwift triathlon bike workouts.

Coaching Tip: Know your realistic Ironman swim time and start 5 minutes ahead of that wave. For example, if you are a 1:10 IM swimmer, start in the 1:05 pack as most people don’t know their swim times and greatly exaggerate their ability. Start more towards the front of the rolling swim waves in order to avoid the crowds. And whatever you do, FOLLOW THE UNDERWATER SWIM CABLE! There is no need to open water sight at all on this course—just get on the cable and follow it!

IRONMAN Lake Placid plaque at swim start

IRONMAN Lake Placid plaque at swim start

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