Looking for a triathlon coach and training plan for IRONMAN Taiwan & IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan? We can help!

Endurance Drive coaches are experienced and successful long distance (IRONMAN) and half distance (70.3) triathlon athletes and coaches. We coach age group triathletes to the podium, to the top Age Group level and to strong finishes. Age group athletes have limited training time; whatever your individual life situation, we will get you to the start line fit, prepared and with a solid race and nutrition plan.

Racing in Taiwan present some unique challenges for athletes—especially the high heat and humidity. We have developed bike and run workouts to help prepare you for these exact race day conditions. Our heat and hydration protocols provide the best chance for success on race day. Be prepared, hire a knowledgeable coach!

Contact Us to get your long and half distance triathlon training started.

Link to IRONMAN Taiwan swim, bike and run Course Maps

Link to IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan swim, bike and run Course Maps

Coaching Tip: For your rides that are 3 hours or longer, practice your bike nutrition and hydration like it’s race day. Train with the exact products on course and/or ones that you will carry. Make adjustments to your nutrition and hydration plan to make it automatic when you’re racing for real.

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