Choosing a Triathlon Trainer & Coach

Choosing a triathlon trainer is a BIG decision. How many other people do you share your hopes, dreams and desires to?  Not many.  It's a close and trusting relationship.  When you invest that much time, money and emotional and physical energy into a project, you need to have the correct trainer.

A few items to consider when evaluating a triathlon trainer:

*Does that trainer have a track record of having 'skin in the game' with their athletes? We recommend talking with their current and former athletes to get an overview of their training style. 

*How well does your trainer communicate, how often, through what platform and what are their expectations of communication with their athletes?  Communication in any relationship is a make or break factor. 

*How many athletes does your trainer manage?  Are they managing dozens and dozens of people? If so, where do you and your goals fit into the priority list? 

*Has your trainer raced your distance?  Have they lived and learned all the nuances of your sport?  Are they a student of the sport or are they looking to make a few bucks from taking a weekend certification course? 

*Take your time deciding on a triathlon trainer. It will be the difference between loving and succeeding at the sport or souring the entire experience.   

Let us know how we can help. We may, or may not, be the right fit for you.  We love running, biking, swimming and triathlon and ultimately want to see people happy doing their sport with the proper support team.  That's infinitely important than any dollar.  

Please contact us to help!

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