Triathlon Coaching in Portland, ME

The Endurance Drive works with triathletes from the Portland, ME area and into the NH Seacoast region. Being a Maine triathlete, you have certain constraints due to weather, roads, and urban life. It's not always possible to get out for a bike or run in the freezing cold and snow. Or practice open water swimming for six months of the year. Even with a wetsuit in August, the Atlantic is a bit cold!

We specialize in adapting training plans around your life, your location, and the seasons. One of our coaches, Jim, lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 13 years, so he absolutely understands the challenges of triathlon training in cold seacoast and inland areas! 

Our triathlon tribe goes to many of the local Maine triathlon races such as the Maine State TriathlonLobsterman Triathlon, one of our favorite September races. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can help triathlon train you in the Portland, ME and NH Seacoast area.

Click here to download Zwift triathlon bike workouts.