White Mountains Triathlon

The White Mountain Triathlon is a goal race for many of our local NH, VT & ME triathletes. We have a big crew racing every year. Eliot, Endurance Drive Coach, was the overall half winner in 2016. Jim has been a top Age Group finisher. Our athletes often top the podium at this event. The race offers Sprint, Olympic and Half (70.3) distances.

This is one of the most scenic and challenging triathlon courses. There’s no better swim venue than Echo Lake at the base of Cannon Mountain. The bike course is challenging, starting with a screaming three mile descent. Make sure every bolt on your bike is tight! The half bike course rolls through Franconia, out and back on the Kancamagus Highway, back to Franconia and climbs up to Bethlehem and back to Echo Lake. It’s a beefy bike course followed by one of the toughest run courses in half and Olympic distance racing in the US.

But fear not! Our triathlon coaches will develop a plan with you to address your limiters, strengthen your assets and get you race ready. Our triathlon coaching plans are customized just for you and your dynamic professional and personal life.

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Coaching Tip: Especially for the half distance (13.1 run) athletes, consider a run/walk strategy. There are some very short, sharp hills on the run course. The hill near the turnaround is particularly steep. A quick walk up the hill will lose you little time while helping you control your HR and smooth out your energy output for the rest of the run.