Florida Challenge Triathlon - The Intimidator

Every March, our coaches and triathletes travel to Florida for some early season racing. The Intimidator is a perfect early season half distance (70.3) test. If you have been training all winter, this race is a blast. If you haven’t been winter training, well, good luck!

The Intimidator swim course is in the coffee-colored waters of Lake Minneola. Be prepared for variable water temperatures year-to-year; one year it could be chilly and the next year it could be balmy and barely wetsuit-legal (or not at all). It pays to have done both non-wetsuit and wetsuit training in the pool prior to this race.

The Intimidator bike course is where the work begins. Disclaimer: Clermont is NOT flat! The hills on this course will challenge even the strongest cyclists and provide ample opportunities to pace the course well…or not! The first hour includes a fair amount of climbing into a flat, and usually windy, lollipop section. ay attention to the wind as the headwind for one part may provide some fast miles at lower watts / effort output later. At mile 43 or so, you’ll hit the mack daddy of FL climbs: Sugarloaf Mountain. Depending on how you have paced your effort, this is either a beefy climb but not crazy long and hard or it can be a get off, or fall off, your bike climb. It’s fun to see the carnage on Sugarloaf! More up and down on some slightly choppy pavement back to town. Save something for the back half of this bike course. You have a half marathon to run!

The run course is a couple out and backs on fairly flat terrain. The main challenge, besides the 13.1 distance, is the quickly rising temperature and humidity. There’s not a lot of shade, so think cool thoughts and soldier on, dumping water on your head and grabbing ice and a drink at every aid station. You’ll get a very good idea of your current early season run fitness on this course!

All this to say, we know this course very well and will prepare you to be race ready. All of our plans are individualized to meet you specifically, not only athletically but also as an individual with a busy and dynamic life.

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If you are not up for the Intimidator, check out the Great Clermont Triathlon Olympic race.

Emily racing her first half distance (70.3) race at the The Intimidator, Clermont, FL

Emily racing her first half distance (70.3) race at the The Intimidator, Clermont, FL